Join us in the effort to raise awareness for Drowsy Driving Prevention this November! Download these assets and share with your friends and family.

For your social media posts, use the campaign hashtags #Alert2Drive and #DrowsyDrivingPrevention

For Twitter, you can tag us by using: @sleepfoundation.

For Facebook, you can tag us by using: @nationalsleepfoundation.

Suggested Social Media Posts

Facebook:  November 3-10 is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week ®. According to the National Sleep Foundation, in the United States alone driving while drowsy results in 6,400 deaths and 50,000 injuries every year. Spread the word about the dangers of drowsy driving @nationalsleepfoundation #Alert2Drive #DrowsyDrivingPrevention 

Twitter: Drowsy Driving Prevention Week ® now through 11/10. Raise awareness about the risks of drowsy driving @sleepfoundation #Alert2Drive #DrowsyDrivingPrevention 

Facebook: A National Sleep Foundation poll shows that 97% of Americans view driving while drowsy as a threat to safety. Share information about the risks of drowsy driving with your loved ones. @nationalsleepfoundation #Alert2Drive #DrowsyDrivingPrevention

Twitter: US Poll results: 97% say driving while drowsy is a safety threat. Spread the word. @sleepfoundation #Alert2Drive #DrowsyDrivingPrevention 

Facebook: National Sleep Foundation’s Drowsy Driving Prevention Week ® runs through November 10. They’re informing our friends and neighbors about the dangers of driving while sleep-deprived, and you can help. With 6,400 deaths and 50,000 injuries every year, it’s a topic serious enough to warrant attention 52 weeks a year. Spread the word to help us raise awareness.  @nationalsleepfoundation  #Alert2Drive #DrowsyDrivingPrevention 

Twitter: Drowsy Driving Prevention Week ends 11/10, but this problem is 24/7/365. Keep the conversation going. @sleepfoundation  #Alert2Drive #DrowsyDrivingPrevention 

The below images are easy to share! Just click on the link. The image will open. Go ahead and right click, choose “Save Image As” from the dropdown menu, and save to your computer. Then share on Facebook or Twitter.


Download the 2019 Drowsy Driving Prevention Week ® Logo here.


Download the full infographic here.


Downloadable image for digital use with campaign hashtag



Downloadable image for Facebook

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