If you are planning to vacation this summer, chances are you’ll be staying a hotel. Although it’s fun to see new place or visit with friends and family, staying in a hotel means not sleeping in your own bed. So what should a traveler expect from a hotel when its time to sleep? According to Anya Orlanska, The Benjamin Hotel’s Sleep Concierge, a hotel should always provide travelers with a quiet sleeping environment that includes a supportive bed and a selection of pillows. If there is outside noise or other disturbances, guests should be given the opportunity to move to a quieter room in the hotel.

Even though you are on vacation and excited to see and do new things, the rules for getting good quality sleep are still the same as if you were home – use beds only for sleeping and avoid reading, working or eating in bed as those actions will make it more difficult to relax in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Digestion interferes with proper sleep, so travelers should avoid large meals before retiring.

To help guests fall asleep and sleep through the night, a sleeper-friendly hotel should have blackout shades installed and provide bedside white noise machines upon request that electronically drown out any stray background or other noise. If you don’t find them in your room, ask for them. You can also requests rooms away from elevators to reduce sleep disturbance.

If you experience neck and back pain when traveling, ask what types of pillows the hotel provides to ensure that you can avoid extra stress in those areas. It’s best to know in advance if the pillow option you need isn’t available because it may be best to bring your own. Learn more about what travelers should expect from a hotel when it’s time to sleep and be sure to pass the info along!

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