February 4, 1980 –
April 25, 1998

On April 25, 1998, 18 year-old Katie Drentlaw had every reason to feel excited about life. She had just accepted an offer for a full track scholarship at Southeast Missouri State University. She had spent the day watching her future teammates compete in Des Moines, Iowa, and was headed back to her hometown three and a half hours away. Tragically, she never made it. Just 12 miles from her house, Katie fell asleep at the wheel, crashing her sport utility vehicle. Her passenger, a friend and fellow athlete, suffered several broken bones. Katie was killed instantly.

Among many talents, Katie Drentlaw was a poet. She wrote this when she was a high school student. Her mother, Darla Drentlaw – St Martin shared this with the National Sleep Foundation to honor Katie.

Phones in Heaven

We have so much to tell you
tonite, I think we’ll call
Oh I just remembered;
you won’t be there at all

There are no phones in heaven
We’ll think of other ways
to stay in touch tomorrow
Stay close for all our days

We know we’ll feel your presence
beside us all the time
I’ll be surrounded by your love
and you’ll be entwined in mine

We’ll always have sweet memories
when we reread your poems
though some of them express such pain
and others cry for home

We tried to help you find the way
But, a different path you trod
you met with many challenges
in search of peace and God

There are no phones in Heaven
so, we’ll talk to you through prayer
we know that you’ll be listening
we know that you’ll be there