August 12, 1946 – April 1, 2001

On April 1, 2001, the day of the switch to daylight savings time, my wife and I were in an automobile crash that I caused by falling asleep at the wheel. Janie died instantly. Our daughter had said goodbye to us as we went off that weekend for a dog trial; we left and only the dogs and I came back.

We had been married for 33 years. Janie was a warm, wonderful person, a mother, a labor and delivery nurse and former teacher. All of her many friends were in disbelief; how could this happen? She will never see her beautiful granddaughter that was born to her son in May, nor did she see her daughter graduate from college the same week. If I knew then what I know now, Janie would still be alive.

I have done lots of public awareness work to make sure that this does not happen to anybody else. Drowsy driving is not hard to prevent; people just need to know what to do. I am now a member of NSF’s board of directors, and I strongly urge you to support Drowsy Driving Prevention Week 2007. Lives hang in the balance.

— Tom Callaghy