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Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Jessica Dettrey

September 2, 1988 –
September 16, 2005

On September 16th 2005 at approximately 10:15 PM my daughter Jessica Dettrey who had just turned 17 yrs. old , who wanted to join the West End Ambulance as a volunteer until she graduated and then go to college to become a doctor, and her two friends, Brian Drogalis who also just turned 21 and Nicole Bridy were on their way to celebrate Brian’s 21st birthday at a party his family and friends were throwing for him.

In route to the party they were to be celebrating, they were hit head on by another vehicle that crossed the solid double yellow line. My daughter Jessica and her friend Brian were both killed as a result of someone else’s negligence! A drowsy driver! Something that could have been prevented if only people were more aware of the dangers in driving while fatigued and the harm they cause to others on the roads. Not to mention the lives of the family and friends of the victims they cause such horrible grief to.

The other driver Fernando Marin was never drug or alcohol tested due to bad police discretions. One of the only witnesses to the accident Jean Buzzard whom I might add “works for the West end ambulance ” saw this happen and decided not to help our children but, to just leave the scene and not make a report until two days later.

It took rescue workers 20 min. to find our children on the Major road that runs through our little town while 911 dispatch had them running all over Gods creation to locate them when they were less than 1 and 1/2 minutes from the ambulance building itself. Meanwhile my daughter Jessica and her friend Brian lay suffocating to death trapped in the car. Our children never did recieve any medical treatment that night but, only a bunch of confused and quick-to-judge so-called trained rescue workers who treated the scene as if it was our children who were at fault.

Firefighter Tim Berlew even had the audacity to take pictures of our children still dead in the car and plaster them all over his web site. The judge dismissed the charges against the other driver and he walked away from his crime with only a $200 fine! I’ve tried to do something good in all this crazy mess and that is to talk to our state senators and representatives to try to get the laws changed but, to no avail. No one wants to help!

Jessica was loved by so many people and she loved so many. She was such a compassionate young teenager with her whole life ahead of her. Someone who wanted to always try to help others and put others before herself. I remember one Christmas I asked her if she wanted to write a letter to Santa and of course she did and in her letter she had stated that she was a good girl and asked for a few things she had in mind. Then proceded to ask Santa if he would please make sure to give to all the poor children who didn’t have anything.

When I sit and think about my Jessica and her life’s story I truly understand I had an angel by my side all along. We miss and love you dearly! No word or thought ever thought of, could ever express our deepest sorrow in loosing you.R.I.P BABYGIRL until we meet again!

— Submitted by Sheila Vogel

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