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Monday, May 27th, 2019

Countermeasures: Stop for the Night

Find a safe place to stop for a break or for the night. If you plan on napping longer than 30 minutes, your best option is to choose a safe rest stop or motel, allowing you to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Countermeasures: Rumble Strips

If you hit a shoulder rumble strip, pull off the road as soon as possible.

Countermeasures: Taking a Nap

Pull off into a safe, well-lit area away from traffic and take a brief nap: 15-20 minutes is best. Short naps can help improve mood, performance and short-term alertness.

Countermeasures: Caffeine

Coffee or another type of caffeine drink can promote short-term alertness, if needed.

Sleepless on Pennsylvania Avenue

If you think your work schedule is demanding, try being an adviser for the president. A recent article in the Washington Post examined the hectic schedules of members of President Obama’s Administration, including their bouts with sleepless nights and fatigue.

Craig Condill

June 21, 1952 – October 25, 2007 I am Craig’s sister in law. I am a registered sleep technician and a respiratory therapist. I have a passion for sleep disorders and recently went to a WAKE UP Michigan Symposium. I was unbelievably moved by the stories I heard there and was planning on telling everyone […]

Jack Blevins

April 10, 1969 – January 5, 2007 On January 5,2007 37 year old Jack Blevins was on his way to work. Unfortunatley, he did not make it. Just minutes from home he was killed in a auto accident by a man who had fallen asleep while driving. I remember him leaving for that work morning […]

Kevin O’Connor

March 6, 1987 – June 18, 2002 My son’s name is Kevin O’Connor. He was fifteen years only when he died. Kevin was a very family-oriented young man and worked in our family business. He played football and baseball and loved the Mets and the Jets. He hunted, fished and camped. We own and operate […]

Timothy Douglas

On the morning of July 19, 1995, Timothy Douglas, a veteran commercial driver who had logged more than 1 million miles, was headed southbound on I-75 in Georgia when he fell asleep at the wheel of his 18-wheeler, rear-ending a pick-up truck carrying 14 people. Adults, children, even infants flew from the bed of the […]

Rusty Burris

On June 3, 1990, 18 year-old Rusty Burris was driving home after having been awake for more than 36 hours. He knew that he was significantly sleepy, having dozed off during visits to friends and family in the hours leading up to the drive home. Still, Rusty decided to make the trip. In an instant, […]

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